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Invited Lectures

“Real-Time Interactive Image Manipulation”
21st Century Tools for Artists, UIUC Krannert Art Museum; April 2005

“Composing for Interactive Dance: Paradigms for Perception”
Doncaster College, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England; November 2005

“Recent Works in Interactive Movement-Based Performance”
IPRH, UIUC; October 2007

Conference Presentations

“Approaches to Improvisational Structures for Creating Modern Dance Scores”
International Guild of Musicians in Dance Conference, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; October 2002

Mangle on the Fly: Flexible Music and Choreographic Structures”
International Guild of Musicians in Dance Conference, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA; January 2004

“Improvising Music for Dance”
New Directions in the Study of Musical Improvisation: An Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Conference, sponsored by University of Illinois School of Music, UIUC; April 2004

“Composing for Interactive Dance: Paradigms for Perception
Sound Moves: An International Conference on Music and Dance, sponsored by Princeton University School of Music and Society for Dance Research (United Kingdom), Roehampton University, London; November 2005

“Musical Improvisation in the Modern Dance Class: Techniques and Approaches in Fulfilling a Multi-Layered Role”
4th Annual International Conference on Arts and Humanities, sponsored by the East West Council for Education, Asia-Pacific Research Institute of Peking University, and the University of Louisville - Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods, Honolulu, HI; January 2006

“Finding Humanity Within the Machine: Large Motor Movement Computer Interfacing as an Artistic Mindbody Integrative Practice”
“Electronic Techtonics: Thinking at the Interface,” the first international conference of HASTAC. Co-sponsored by Duke University and RENCI (Renaissance Computing Institute), Duke University, Durham, North Carolina; April 2007

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