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Mangle on the Fly:
An Interactive Dance

Linda Lehovec, choreography
John Toenjes, music

Linda Lehovec
Heather Klopchen

John Toenjes, keyboard and laptop computer
Robin Kearton, viola

Artist Bios:

Linda Lehovec is an Associate Professor at the University of Illinois (UIUC). She holds a BFA from The Juilliard School, and an MFA from UIUC. Linda has performed her own works, both solo and with her company, Linda Lehovec and Dancers, in Canada, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and De-troit. She was awarded an Illinois Arts Council fel-lowship in Choreography in 2000 and 2002. Linda Lehovec & Dancers’ pro-ject, Swim, was performed in Chicago, Wisconsin and Minnesota in fall 2002.

Heather Klopchin is an Assistant Professor of Dance at St. Olaf College.

Robin Kearton is the Director of the Urbana Community Center for the Arts and a frequent per-former in the Champaign-Urbana, IL area.

Mangle on the Fly is a work that explores the notion of the music and the dance being so intertwined that one literally cannot exist without the other. The structure of the music depends on what the dancers are dancing, and the structure of the choreography depends upon what the musicians are playing.

Mangle on the Fly is a changeable, cooperative dance that is different every night. The dance and music both are constructed on a series of loops, during or over which short “one-shot hits” and more lengthy improvisations are danced or played. The order and length of the loops is determined by the flow of the performance, and the improvisations come in response to each other’s moment-by-moment interpretations.

Because of the interactive nature of this dance, the dancers and musicians worked very closely in rehearsal to create the piece, and they need to be closely communicating during the performance.

The music is for amplified viola and keyboard played through a series of looping devices and effects, either dedicated hardware units or software in a laptop computer. The loops are recorded on the fly and they are manipulated and switched on and off as the course of the dance unfolds. The musicians also provide a bit of acoustic percussion with their feet on amplified boxes.




Nov. 2003, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (premiere)

Nov. 2003, Beloit College

March 2004, Wayne State University/University of Utah (real-time internet video stream)

Performance inquiries:

Mangle on the Fly is avai-lable for performance. We can also do workshops and lecture demonstra-tions with your community or students. Also, a DVD is available of the dance. It includes two versions, one with, and one without, titles that highlight the in-teractive elements of the dance. Contact me to re-quest a copy, and to sche-dule a performance and/or other activities revolving around this dance.

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