Saturday, February 16, 2008

Composer-Choreographer Students Post Blogs

The Composer-Choreographer class (Dance 464/Music471) has begun posting their responses to the collaborations they've worked on during the first two weeks of the semester. You can read their postings at each of their blogs, linked to the right. One group of dancers, Young Sun Lee and Christine Betsill, worked with Cheryl Krugel in the TEEVE lab, under the direction of Renata Sheppard. The other group, Laura Chiaramonte, Renay Aumiller, and Pin Hsin Lin, worked on a traditional collaboration, working with the idea of making a dance starting from a common "image," under my direction. Go to their blogs as they get put online to read about their responses to the question:

"Using your experiences from the past couple of weeks, and drawing upon the readings I’ve given you and the class discussions we’ve had, write and post to your blog a statement concerning your personal observations about the collaborative process you’ve experienced during this time, and aesthetic observations about the relationship between music and dance that were discovered during this time. You might mention what inspired your artistic choices in creating your dance or music score as well."